Wanted – Delaware Valley Beer Bloggers

An Introduction

Finally. Well it took long enough but we are finally ready to unite. It’s my fought really. I have been focusing so much time on my other blog (Crafty And The Beast) that i have neglected this one.

I will be honest. The idea of organizing a Beer Bloggers Alliance for the Delaware Valley Area  came from another source. I was reading The Northern California Craft Beer Guide and the Author Ken Weaver mentioned The Bay Area Beer Bloggers. Lightbulb.

Now I know those beer folks out West probably laugh at us East folks for coming around so late,  nevertheless here we are.

My Goals

This is likely to change as we get going but in the meantime this is what I am thinking. Provide a  blog for Delaware Valley Beer Bloggers, Vloggers and other Writers so they can post original material and promote their personal  and each other’s site. This is also a place to network and provide blogging tips for one another.

i also anticipate us getting together in the area for a drink or two. Maybe organize trips and events.e


To get started go back to the home page and click on Get Listed. Fill out the form and I will add you and your blog to the site.

Next is adding fresh posts to the site.  Email me a 500 to 800 word original post (Not one from your current blog).  Send me your Blog Site Web Address along with your name, blog name, brief bio  and a tagline. I will place this at the bottom of each post and link back to your blog. To keep the blog active and fresh, try to send one every two to four weeks.

Please be sure to subscribe to the blog so we can read each other’s post and comment. To help promote, we can share posts via social networking also.

If you have any questions please visit my contact page and send me a note.


2 comments on “Wanted – Delaware Valley Beer Bloggers

  1. I was hoping to get my first article up today, but I had to push it back for my piece on the Delaware WIne and Beer Fest. I’ll be writing this weekend, and hope to be up early next week! Can’t wait to watch this venue take off!

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